About the Conference

There have been many important and exciting developments in PDE/Analysis in recent years. On one hand, the scientific goal of the conference 'Celebrating "Approximate 60s": An International Conference on Nonlinear PDEs and Its Applications' is to bring together a group of experts who are working in the fronts of various research topics in the fields such as dispersive PDEs, elliptic PDEs, parabolic PDEs, geometric PDEs, mathematical analysis of compressible and incompressible fluid mechanics including complex fluids, general relativity, kinetic theory, probability approaches in PDEs, etc. On the other hand, research in PDE/Analysis has always been one of the most distinctive features of the Courant Institute. This conference also serves as an occasion to celebrate "Approximate 60s" of a group of Courant faculty: Fang-Hua Lin, Jalal Shatah and Michael Shelley, to name but a few.